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"Growing Pains" Zine

$10.00 USD

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Handmade Zine

20 pages

Smyth Sewn with altered Japanese Stab Binding Technique

Laser Printed

A zine brought together by 10 artists' work commenting on the idea of "growing pains." This idea was sparked when I was reflecting on how difficult 2020 was. It was definitely a year of growth in most individuals as all we were able to do was sit inside and think. However, with that growth, comes pain. It is never easy to reflect on our faults and put in the work to better ourselves and we must recognize the pain we went through to come out healthier and stronger on the other side.

Contributing Artists:

Julian Slagman, Erik Mace, Sophie Hur, Ally Spiroff, McGuire McManus, Adrianna Najchow, Nadine Reinhard, Adrian Leuthauser, Ashley Markle, Sara Falco

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